About the Journal


The mission of this journal is to focus on the emerging area of nondual psychology. Paradoxically, nondual psychology has been thriving for thousands of years in the form of nondual approaches to awakening found in the heart of many wisdom traditions and spiritual pathways including: Advaita, Zen, Hinduism, Vedanta, Sufism, and various forms of Buddhism and Tantra. Transpersonal psychology has been around since the late 1960’s, but now nondual psychology is now being recognized as a new force in the field of psychology and psychotherapy. The journal emphasizes the transformational awakening process found in many settings including: the individual lived experience, in a clinical setting with a therapist or while participating in a group process, and a person working with a teacher, guru, or spiritual guide. This journal is also open to a deep engagement of the issues involved in facilitating nondual awakenings clinically or as a guide with others.

Theoretical and phenomenological accounts will be accepted but the main focus is on promoting transformational awakening as opposed to mere intellectual speculation and mystification.  Potential topic areas can range from: awakening in the many nondual approaches such as Zen, Vedanta, Tantra, Advaita, and Neo-Advaita, as well as in emerging Western approaches such as Almaas’s Diamond approach or Wilber’s Integral approach, as well as “What is enlightenment?”, and evolutionary enlightenment. In addition, addressing the many barriers to awakening is important including: unresolved shadow issues, trauma, developmental issues, addictions and mental health issues, gender issues, embodiment, and distinguishing between stage and state experiences of nonduality.

This journal acknowledges that the awakening process is personal and subjectively experienced and will therefore be open to first person accounts written in a scholarly fashion. Clinical accounts and research articles are of course welcome.