The Dancing Buddha

We are at the crossroads of a new being, a dancing celebratory being. A new Buddha, who sees the vast radiant light in the everyday world and has no desire to escape, needs to be embraced with attunement to both formlessness and form. This is a being that integrates the cosmic celebration and wildness of active infinity, the loving heartfeltness of total vulnerability, the serene wisdom and mindfulness of non-attainment, and the down-to-earth watercourse way. This new Buddha is vast and radiant, a cosmic dancer, but at the same time human and very ordinary.

The journey into existence does not need to stop at an embracement of the passive void. As we surrender to existence, we realize the vast active infinity of existence. We are freedom living beyond the normal chains of cause and effect. Active infinity knows no bounds or limits and is a dynamic ongoing process in which new domains, portals of existence and ways of being are discovered.

This vast, cosmic wildness aspect of existence seems to be missing in nondual awakening circles where the qualities of the Buddha have often been characterized as serene stillness and peace. Yet this does not have to be the case. If one totally surrenders to existence, one can become wild. In total let go, where even surviving has been surrendered, one is as immense and unfettered as an ocean and is free to love all of existence. Here is to recognizing a new Buddha, with all of the colors of the rainbow, with the full spectrum of existence.

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